Many of you have wanted to know what happened to the three 4H and FFA pigs we posted about on July 12.

We have updates.

On Friday, July 20th, we received yet another request from the older brother of a 14-yr-old student at a California high school. She wanted her pig to be saved instead of…


This is the manure pit, where the droppings of more than 25,000 hens per shed land and accumulate. There is more than 6” of stinking sludge collected there.

During the catching of birds by workers, some would fall into the manure pit. Workers refused to catch the birds, leaving them to…

A Hen’s First Steps Outside


People! This photo montage is going to make you smile, cry and smile some more. I am super serious. If you don’t know the back story, read about it here. This is a hen’s FIRST FORAY OUTSIDE. She has NEVER touched the earth or felt the sun or done anything remotely chicken-like, because she has been in a cage producing egg after egg. Now she is a serious outdoorsy lady. I wanted to put cutesy captions, but really, the images speak for themselves.


The ability to take life’s small graces, nay rights, for granted is a gift for the privileged. I can choose to step outside into the rain or sun. I can choose to stay inside. If I tire of writing, I can choose to stand up, stretch, and go photograph the world around me.

For billions of sentient,…